The best kept secret in corporate entertainment !

Following in the tradition of The Swingle Singers and Manhattan Transfer,

Cabinet Shuffle offer a feast of musical treats to suit every taste and every occasion.

Whether singing Bach or the Beatles, Josquin or Jazz, the group's six professional singers bring style,

 humour, sophistication and above all, beautiful music to enhance any event.

Several of our singers have been ex-Swingles or King Singers and feature on our CDs.

Cabinet Shuffle is six singers and that's it

No microphones, no instruments, just two lovely girls and four reasonably attractive men

with only a tuning fork between them.

Loren's flowerWhatever the venue, whoever the audience,

Cabinet Shuffle is the ideal entertainment.

Start your dinner with a sung grace,

madrigals and folk songs after the main course,

and enjoy lighter , humourous and jazz songs

with the port and coffee.

Cabinet Shuffle can even sing a specially composed song

all about your colleagues, clients and friends.



The block bookings and repeat invitations are proof of their many satisfied customers.

Contact us for a free copy of the Cabinet Shuffle Demonstration CD.

Make this a very special year - Make a date with Cabinet Shuffle.